Music Stand Essentials

music stand essentialsPracticing is easier when you have the right equipment.

This is a quick post with links to my favorite music stand and accessories.  I think having the right equipment maximizes my efficiency and the effectiveness of my practice session.  It makes teaching easier and helps me avoid wasting time fidgeting with inadequate gear.  All of the items below are based around #1, the Manhasset Symphony Stand.  If you have any other favorite practicing tools of any kind, let me know in the comments below!

manhasset stand

1. Manhasset Model #48 “Symphony Stand”

$36.41, Amazon (colors are more expensive).  This is Manhasset’s most popular stand, and they recommend it for “orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians.”  I HATE wire/metal folding stands.  Not only do they get bent and rusty, but they make writing on music difficult, they are not sturdy, are difficult to store, and rarely go high enough for a standing violinist. The Manhasset stands come in Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Hot Pink, Gold, Silver, Grey, and White.  Custom colors are available.  Dimensions: 20″ wide x 12 1/2″ high with a 2 1/4″ lip. Height- from 26″ to 48″ ( lip to floor).  Source:

2. Manhasset Accessory Shelfmanhasset accessory shelf

$6.84 plus shipping, Amazon.  This is a shelf that hooks on the stand to add room for pencils and other small items.  One of the most essential practicing tools is a pencil so I always have at least 2 pencils on this tray, plus a large pink eraser.  It can also hold small tuners, paperclips, etc.  Pencils are always getting lost behind the music during rehearsals and practicing.  This shelf helps your pencil stay easy accessible.  Length: 16 inches

manhasset floor protectors.jpg3. Manhasset Floor Protectors

$10.10, Amazon.  I have hardwood floors and I am so happy I have these floor protectors!  They fit easily and securely onto the feet of your Manhasset stand and prevent the feet from scratching your hardwoods.  What more could you ask for?  Material: Vinyl

music stand tray4. O-Tray Microphone Stand Tray & Drink Holder

$17.11, Amazon.  This is a really amazing thing for anyone practicing for extended amounts of time.  I love having a safe place to put my coffee and iPhone, and it is really sturdy!  My UE Boom bluetooth speaker also fits in the cup holder perfectly and it’s nice having it so accessible while teaching.  I use my iPhone for a tuner, metronome, listening to audio files, recording, etc. so the biggest bonus is having a safe place for my phone that won’t interfere with the music on my stand.

5. Mighty Bright 53510 Orchestra Lightmighty bright.jpg

$38.99, Amazon.  If you practice for an extended period of time, you’ll want a light to help your eyes. The Mighty Bright is absolutely the best stand light, and you will never need another one. The LED bulbs cast white light and can for 100,000 hours.  This particular model casts light on almost 4 complete pages of music and has two brightness settings.  It takes 3 AA batteries (included!) or you can plug it in with the included adaptor. It comes in a zippered carrying case that is perfect when traveling for performances/gigs that may not have adequate light.  I don’t like overhead lights, so I use this light every single day.

Wish List:

Manhasset Shaft Lock ($8.99, Amazon).  Install this nifty accessory and your Manhasset will be able to hold up to 75lbs!



One thought on “Music Stand Essentials

  1. Sandra Hexner says:

    I have been looking for a music stand for my husband and I never thought about being able to write on the music for notes and such. I’m definitely putting this on my list and will continue my research. I also thought it was awesome that you mentioned the details about the other choices. Great comparison!

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