Decide Now!Spinners are great for teaching.  This is literally just a wheel that a student can “spin” on an iPad or iPhone.  Wheel stops, decision made. I use the spinner in violin lessons for
deciding how many songs to play, which song to play for warm up, scale review, etc.  There are lots of options, but these are my top favorites….Decide Now!

$.99 for the full version (iPad & iPhone)

Decide Now! by Catforce Studio is the best spinner I could find.  It is just a spinner, nothing else.  The free version was useless for my teaching, so I paid $.99 right away and I’m so glad I did!  You can create an unlimited number of custom templates for the wheel, and there are different color schemes (yay!).

Here are a few of my favorite custom wheels for Decide Now!:

App Store Description:

  • 10 predefined wheel templates

  • unlimited number of you own templates

  • unlimited number of labels you can put on a wheel

  • you can add large label lists to your wheels right from the clipboard

  • 8 exciting color schemes

  • disable/enable labels to temporarily eliminate some choices

  • share your decisions with your friends


Winner Dinner Chicken Spinner


$.99 (iPad only) WDCS

Winner Dinner Chicken Spinner by Mellow Gears Publishing, LLC is a lot of fun for young students.  You can only customize one wheel at a time, but that’s ok for me because the other features make it worth it.  I use Decide Now! if I need more options or many wheels at my immediate disposal.  Winner Dinner Chicken Spinner has an exciting game show quality and the opening title screen usually makes my youngest students squeal in delight!  The dramatic game-show-host voice says, “Now, it’s time for another episode of Winner Dinner Chicken Spinner!” The game-show type music plays in the background and when the child spins the wheel, it says “The Wheel is Turning!” I’ve used this in IMG_0204private violin lessons and it is an incredible tool for distracting young students that may be cranky.  The fun graphics and music usually redirect their focus to the iPad (bonus, they love memorizing my lock screen code and finding the app themselves) and the spinner is set up with something I would be doing in the lesson anyways.  Sometimes I just put numbers on it so we can spin for a number for repetitions.  When I’m feeling extra feisty, I put the number 1 and the number 10 on the spinner, and that’s it.  My students know that ‘getting a one’ is the hardest challenge of all.  I can pick on anything (tone, posture, intonation, etc) and they have to keep trying.  I’m a lot more lenient if they have 10 repetiotions to go.  I reward them with stickers, pencils, or their choice of Staff Wars or My Note Games.  Or sometimes they just get to pick our next activity…. ALSO: I don’t use it every week, so they almost never get tired of Winner Dinner Chicken Spinner.  I recommend this for children under 10, but I have successfully used it in a group class of teenagers.  My group classes are pretty high energy, so using the app is just another way of keeping the energy fun and entertaining.

 App Store Description:

  • Game show experience – Announcer, Spinning wheels, Flashing lights, & more
  • Fully customizable wheel
  • Add up to 40 dinner selections


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